Friday, October 16, 2009

Mi Nei's picks!

Hello everyone! MiNei has shared what she is reading right now.

"I'm reading two books for people who like romance. This is new for me (not romance but reading about it).
1- The Montana Creeds by Linda Lael Miller- Good, entertaining especially if you like westerns.
2- The Favored Child by Phillipa Gregory- She is a bit repetitive but the book has very good historical references especially how women were perceived during that era.

Thanks Mi Nei for sharing!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Favorite book for the moment

I absolutely love historical fiction. I want to live in historical fiction books. My favorite book of all time is probably Gone With the Wind. It changes depending on what I start reading, but that one is always on top of my list. But Robert Hicks wrote one of the best Civil War related books I have ever read, and recently came out with a new one. A Separate Country. It's sitting at home waiting.
So, my pick for today is Widow of the South.

This was actually suggested to me by Allyson through her Reader's Advisory interview questions a looong time ago. One reason why I like this book so much is it is based on a real widow, a real battle, and real existing graves. Carrie McGavok's home was turned into a hospital while her yard was a battlefield, and this story follows the Battle of Franklin and how she had some of the soldiers buried in her private cemetery. They detail in the story is what made me love it so much, since points of view were from Confederate and Union soldiers, Carrie's story, and even the stories of people helping in the hospital and on the battlefield. It was a great read and stuck with me for a long time.