Friday, March 31, 2006

Inspirational Series

Enjoy some Inspirational Fiction series.

Tracie Peterson:
Yukon Quest
Treasures of the North
Ashes and Ice
Rivers of Gold

Stephanie Grace Whitson
Dakota Moons
Valley of a Shadow
Edge of the Wilderness
Heart of the Sandhills

T. Davis Bunn
Heirs of Acadia
The Solitary Envoy
The Innocent Libertine
The Noble Fugitive
The Night Angel (April 2006)

Gerlad Lund
The Work and the Glory
Pillar of Light
Like a Fire is Burning
Truth Will Prevail
Thy Gold to Refine
A Season of Joy
Praise to the Man
No Unhallowed Hand
The Work and the Glory

Ted Dekker
The Circle

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