Thursday, June 29, 2006

My First Audio Book

I chose John Grisham's The Broker on the new available-at-your-library Playaways as my very first book in audio format. I really enjoyed listening to a book, and I really enjoyed the small size of the Playaway, but the book itself did not capture my attention. Joel Backman, a well paid lawyer in D.C. was pardoned and released after six years in a federal prison. And then he goes to Italy. That was the most information that I got from the book. I didn't connect with his character, which made it difficult to follow his steps through Italy. This is my first John Grisham book too, and I thought there should have been more intrigue and suspense instead of Italian lessons. I did enjoy the descriptions of the sights, and the food, but otherwise was not too immersed in this book. I didn't even realize it was over until another voice started talking about Harry Potter. Oh well. At least I found a hands free way to add on to my Summer Reading books!


Joan said...

Hey Eliza Grace!

My favorite Grisham book BY FAR is A Time to Kill. I believe it was the first book that he published. It's set in the Deep South and involves a lawyer who tries to get an African-American man off after two white rednecks raped his little girl. It is very touching and well-written. And suspenseful.

Eliza said...

Bryan liked that one too, so I think I will put a hold on it now! I want to try another because I hear his books are really good. And I liked the movie. Thanks Joan!

Bryan said...

My Favorite John Grisham book is A Time to Kill as well. Mainly because it has Matthew Mcconaughey as attorney Jake Brigance! =)