Monday, August 07, 2006

A Country Affair by Rebecca Shaw

Rebecca Shaw starts a new light-hearted series of a veterinary clinic’s staff and patients of Barleybridge a village in the Yorkshire hills. Kate gets a job as an accountant/receptionist at the clinic but had secretly harbored a wish to become a vet herself. Just barely missing getting into vet school by a low chemistry score, Kate figures the next best thing is to get any kind of work she can get but her over-qualifications cause strife among the front office staff. But that is not Kate’s biggest problem. She also has Adam, an ex-boyfriend, stalking her, creating major trouble as she becomes closer to the sexy Scott, the Australian vet. Joy, the office manager, is in love with the head vet Mungo which shines clear as day, much to the consternation of Joy’s husband Duncan. Weaving around all the office shenanigans are the more memorable patients, Miss Chillingsworth and her cat, Phil the farmer and his bull as well as the weekly fight in the waiting room between Mungo’s dog Perkins and patient dog Adolph.

If you’re looking for high drama, this is not it. More towards the casual feel good read. It actually is a bit of a ramble through the town of Barleybridge and seeing its inhabitants in action (almost like if you were watching BBC’s Ballykissangel series). In fact, I can totally see this as a PBS/BBC special.

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