Friday, May 25, 2007

Dickens World

Not a formal review but I have to say I am exceedingly excited about a new theme-attraction I heard about yesterday on NPR that opens today. It is Dickens World, that's exciting journey all about the world of 19th century England centered on the works of Charles Dickens. Located in Chatham, it features Scrooge's haunted house, Fagin's Den, the dockside, streets and alleys...all the sights and smells (I don't know if I'm too enthused about smelling the dockside, I think they were still using the Thames as a sewer in Dicken's time). The Dickens World web site doesn't have too many pictures, just a time lapse streaming video of the construction site. NPR Marketplace has an inside construction view and the picture towards to bottom of the article features the London sewer boat ride (very Our Mutual Friend). So the next time you happen to be near England, stop by and step into another era!

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