Thursday, July 27, 2006

Borrowed Time by Robert Goddard

Robin Timariot, walking a hiker’s trail meets a lovely woman one summer’s eve. After chatting briefly, they part ways, Robin to finish his trail and the woman, to her murder. Causing a national scandal, the woman, Louise Paxton, wife to a royal physician, was found dead along with the body of a semi-famous artist Oscar Bantock and the man convicted of killing her might be wrongfully imprisoned. As one of the last people to see her alive, Robin finds himself reluctantly dragged into a hotbed of intrigue. The story line does move slowly and not quite a thriller in the sense that action takes place not within days but moves over the course of several years. Robin helplessly watches as the Paxton family, father Keith and daughters, Sarah and Rowena, slowly deteriorates until a tragic event blows the family apart. British crime author Robert Goddard creates a taut suspense and those readers patient enough to take the journey with Robin will be well rewarded.

This is the eighth Robert Goddard novel but only the second one I’ve read and in comparison, Borrowed Time was paced much slower than Sight Unseen…actually it is super slow and you don’t get that thrilling rush as the character rushes one fraught danger to another. I’ll think I’ll try one more just to see what the norm is…fast or slow?

Category : Crime Fiction

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