Thursday, July 27, 2006


I recently went to Greenbrier, Arkansas where there is of all things, an elephant sanctuary. One of the elephants that found a home at Riddle’s Elephant Sanctuary is Amy. Come to find out, there is a sweet, light-hearted book about her early life in captivity. The Cowboy and His Elephant by Malcolm MacPherson gives a refreshing look at a cowboy and the special pet he raises. Bob Norris, a former Marlboro Man, takes in Amy when he realizes she is unhealthy away from her mother, and could use some individual care. Amy does more than survive, but thrives and even later becomes a part of the Big Apple Circus. The story is very quick, and has some interesting facts about elephants and their life in captivity. This story focuses too much on the connection Bob feels for Amy, and also has some parts that don’t seem too factual. Otherwise, this book was just a very simple look into the life of Amy and her movement through Bob’s ranch, to the circus, and the hope of being sent to the wild. The funny stories about Amy, her pet goat, and the trouble she got into were the best. A Cowboy and His Elephant doesn’t finish Amy’s story so I will tell you what I know. Amy did not go back to Africa; she ended up at the elephant sanctuary. A couple of months ago, the sanctuary found out she was pregnant, and should have a baby in the Fall of 2008. This is a picture of her when I saw her in May.
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Bryan said...

Elephants kick a**... especially ones with the name of Toby

Nik said...

Amy sounds awesome =)