Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Calder Storm, The Silver Rose and Eligible Bachelor

My recent spate of romance reading came from all different sides of the genre spectrum. For my contemporary romance, the recently released Calder Storm takes us back to the Triple C ranch where the whirlwind courtship of Chase Benteen Calder, III (aka Trey) and professional photographer Sloan Davis leads to a fast marriage and with most fast marriages, there are items of great import left untold and later revealed at the most inopportune times. Much confusion and misunderstandings, helped along with a certain evil nemesis, Max Rutledge, who determined to seek revenge on the Calder clan for the death of his son. Without giving anything away, let’s just say… Big Romance, Big Trouble and Big Action in Big Sky Country.

Miri Cheney, the youngest of the magically talented Cheney sisters returns to their beloved island in the last of Susan Carroll’s historical romance trilogy, The Silver Rose. Returning from exile is hard, but even more so when Simon Aristide, the witch hunter who drove out your family in the first place, comes back to ask for help. Simon, an older and much wiser man than the arrogant boy he once was, sees the value in Miri, not to mention the physical attraction he encounters whenever they are close. The Silver Rose, a new and even more evil villain than Catherine de Medici, is threatening France and Simon and must stop her before she takes control. Carroll wraps up her trilogy nicely and although a couple of her plotlines were really evident (and I’m one to try and not guess the plot in any book) it still was a pleasing read. I especially enjoyed the tension between Simon and Miri.

Eligible Bachelor by the U.K.’s Veronica Henry was more of a contemporary women’s fiction with romance throughout. Back from touring the world, Guy Portias is helping his mother out trying to keep Eversleigh Manor financially afloat after the death of his father. After hosting a movie shoot utilizing their house, Guy finds himself engaged to Richenda Fox, movie star. Ex-hotel manager, Honor McLean, gave up her high power life to care for her son and is now running a small catering business out of her home. When Honor takes on cooking for the Portias, Guy and Honor find their easy friendship turning into a stronger bond. Interspersed are the stories of Honor’s best friend and her travails with her family and Richenda’s own back story of her rise to stardom. Veronica Henry has penned an easy to read, relaxing story, perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea on your favorite couch.

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